A7672x modem features

Here you will get a brief idea on what the device is capable of and the important features

Power section :

The device has two power inputs,

1) Main Power input - VCHG :

This is the main power input of the device and is usually connected to the 12V DC adapter. Right now the device supports from 12VDC to 42VDC input . The main power chip used here is the TPS54240 switching regulator. which converts the 12VDC input to 4V which goes to modules VBAT pin.

2) Battery power input - VBAT

This is the direct battery input and a 3.7V to 4.2V LiPo battery has to be connected to it. Use at least 400mAH battery. There is no reverse polarity protection to this pin so be careful connecting the battery. Use a battery with JST-XH size female connector.

To understand the power section of the device, look at the block diagram.

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