Model No.
Operating Voltage
  • Main Power Input : 12V to 42V DC [Connect to 12V Lead Acid Battery]
Has Reverse Polarity Protection
Backup Battery Input : 3.7V to 4.2V DC [Connect a single cell 3.7V-4.2V Li-Po or Li-Ion Battery]
Doesn't have Reverse Polarity Protection
With Enclosure - Length: 52mm * Width: 65mm * Height: 30 mm
PCB Dimensions - Length: 34mm * Width: 43mm * Thickness: 1.6 mm
Battery Support
  • 3.7V-4.2V DC Li-Po backup battery is supported.
  • Use > 400mAH capacity battery.
  • MP2617 Charger chip is used to handle the battery charging.
Cellular module
SIM7600G - LTE 3G 2G - For Global use
SIM7600E - LTE 3G 2G - For Europe
SIM7600A - LTE 3G 2G - For North America
Navigation hardware
SE868K3AL GNSS module comes with inbuilt patch antenna
SIM7600x has inbuilt GNSS hardware which needs external active antenna [Bias is already provided to the GNSS U.FL connector]
Aux Inputs
Aux Outputs
1x Relay Output (MOSFET DRIVERS) [Optional]
Operating Modes
Configuration Methods
Bluetooth 5.0 available on board can be used to configure the device using the VALTRACK-V4 Setup application.
STM32WB55CEU6 ARM Cortex M4 , 64MHz, 512KB of Flash memory
Motion Sensor
LIS3DH 12-bit, 3-axis Accelerometer
1-Mbit / 128KB EEPROM for storing parameters and lost pings.
📶 Cellular : U.FL Connector
  • 1.5 dBi gain Flexible PCB antenna comes attached
SIM7600x GNSS : U.FL Connector
  • Patch antenna comes attached
Available on request only !
🛰 SE868K3L GNSS : Inbuilt antenna
Bluetooth, GPRS, SMS, Call
SIM connector
Nano SIM card connector available
Flashing options
SWD Debug port available on a FFC connector [10 pin, 0.5mm pitch ]
MCU can be flashed Over The Air (OTA) using Bluetooth interface
Device ships in a standard IP67 rated enclosure.