VALTRACK-V4-VTS-ESP32-C3 can be configured using Bluetooth. An android application is made available on play store called VALTRACK-V4E-SETUP, which can be used to write and read the device parameters from the flash memory of ESP32-C3. Procedure is very simple.

Click here to Download the app

  • Turn on Bluetooth and Location

  • Open the VALTRACK-V4E-SETUP app.

  • Turn on the device

  • Scan for devices and select CONNECT button infront of VALTRACK-V4-XX device name

  • Once connected, press on SYNC button to read the services (This is important)

  • MTU will change to 256

  • Select the parameter name from Dropdown

  • Press READ button to read the parameter, the read value will be displayed in the text box below and in the edit box above the button

  • Enter the value to be written to the parameter in edit box and press write

  • There is a clear button given for clearing edit box if it text becomes too big.

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