Getting Started

Opening the enclosure

You need to remove the four screws present in the bottom of the enclosure to open it. Use a star head screw driver.

Inserting the SIM card

Get a Nano-SIM card and insert it into the boards push-pull type SIM card slot.
Power should not be connected to the device during SIM card insertion

Powering the device

VALTRACK-V4-VTS-ESP32-C3 can run from any of the two power sources,
Main Power Input
[VCHG connector]
  • Can take 12V to 42V DC [Connect to 12V Lead Acid Battery]
  • Its a JST type connector
Has Reverse Polarity Protection
Backup Battery Input
[VBAT connector]
  • Can take 3.7V to 4.2V DC [Connect a single cell 3.7V-4.2V Li-Po or Li-Ion Battery]
  • Use at least 500mAH and above capacity batteries
  • The battery connected to this port automatically gets charged by VCHG.
  • Its a JST-XH type connector
Doesn't have Reverse Polarity Protection
Device can start functioning with any of above power sources.

LED Indicators

  • Once the device is powered ON, The LED will show up and start with all RED .
  • Once the SIM is registered to the network, the NETWORK LED turns GREEN .
  • Once the GNSS module gets a location sync, the LOCATION LED turns GREEN .
  • After 30 seconds of inactivity, all LED will turn OFF to save power and turn ON again on movement detected by Accelerometer.
  • POWER LED remains RED all the time