Model No.
Operating Voltage
  • Main Power Input (DC Jack): 12V to 42V DC [Connect to 12V DC Adapter]
Has Reverse Polarity Protection
Battery Input (White JST connector) : 3.7V to 4.2V DC [Connect a single cell 3.7V-4.2V Li-Po or Li-Ion Battery]
Doesn't have Reverse Polarity Protection
PCB Dimensions - Length: 75mm * Width: 50mm * Thickness: 10 mm
Battery Support
  • 3.7V-4.2V DC Li-Po battery is supported.
  • Use > 400mAH capacity battery.
Cellular module
A767S-FASE - LTE-CAT1, 2G - For use in Indian sub continent
A7672E-FASE - LTE-CAT1, 2G - For Europe
A7672SA-FASE - LTE-CAT1, 2G - For South America & Australia & Some networks in North America
Navigation hardware
Inbuilt GNSS support, you can connect an active GPS antenna to W2 (U.FL) or J56 (SMA) connectors. Bias for active antenna is already provided. If you want to use passive antenna a bias resistor has to be disconnected.
Based on ASR chipset
📶 Cellular : U.FL Connector & SMA Connector
GNSS : U.FL Connector & SMA Connector
Bluetooth, GPRS (HTTP, MQTT, TCP, UDP), SMS, Call
SIM connector
Push Push type Nano SIM card connector
Flashing options
On board Micro USB interface can be used for updating module firmware and send AT commands
USB and UART interfaces can be used for sending AT commands
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