Here you will get a brief idea on what the device is capable of and the important features

Power section :

The device has two power inputs,

1) Main Power input - VCHG :

This is the main power input of the device and is usually connected to the vehicles battery. Right now the device supports from 12VDC to 42VDC input range. When you power the device from VCHG it also charges the battery connected to VBAT input. The main power chip used here is the TPS54240 switching regulator.

2) Backup battery power input - VBAT

This is the back up battery input and a 3.7V to 4.2V LiPo battery has to be connected to it. Use at least 400mAH battery. The main power chip used here is the MP2617 switching battery charger with power path management.

To understand the power section of the device, look at the block diagram.

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